Come see it, compare, come see it again, find out its worth it. Move in.

-Lowest priced executive apartments with the highest quality amenities I could find after searching through five (5) other agencies.
-They understand your credit. My partner has significantly lower credit than I do but they totally understood with two of us and my credit we would be responsible.
-Move in process is so fast and easy! It’s like.. Sign Paperwork, get keys, do inspection, get new dream house.
-WORK ORDERS! They rock at these! I submitted a total of 6 (Very minor things, more pet peeves than anything to take away from their gorgeous apartments) and they were done the very next day! By a friendly maintenance man I might add.
-SO quiet. This was a dream come true to me because I hate traffic noise, always have. The nights here are so peaceful, it truly is like living at a resort.
-Only facility with a “beach pool”… basically there is beautiful sand you walk through and admire.
-BIG ONE HERE – only facility with included tanning! I have used the machine already so many times and its euphoric! They have a built in radio, fan and a top of the line machine. I use to spend $60/month on tanning last season and here its included!
-Only facility with a movie theater – My dad was in utter shock, ambient lighting, real movie chairs…delight.
-Secure, gated community with security that I have observed on sight so that is comforting. Security Cameras, and the whole place is well lit at night.
-GREAT architecture! Check out the two bedroom on the first floor, I think they are called coffered ceilings in the Dining Room, Whatever, its code for TO DIE FOR.
And to sum up, the staff. I have read many rude things about staff that I have come to appreciate since living here. I will tell you Megan who manages this place was very kind, she gave us our entire demonstration and we wanted to see the place like four different times! She never seemed impatient, and she is a generally warm person. She handed me off to Amanda who then took it from there! Again, another nice lady and she has a great laugh. Chris at the Front Desk is my tanning pro, and hidden behind a desk is even a lady I chat with on a daily basis! She recognized my Christmas Decorations! They sortta become friends!

Come see it, compare, come see it again, find out its worth it. Move in.

- J. Williams

Wonderful Neighborhood, Amazing Pool, Friendly Staff.

The beach pool in the summer is AMAZING, especially if you have toddlers that can’t swim independently yet. There is also a playground and a small set of swings. I love the proximity to the hospital, where my husband works. Maintenance staff and grounds keepers are friendly and hard working. I felt very safe living here and really appreciate how quiet it is. The neighborhood that this apartment complex is in is pretty nice too.

- M. Peterson

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